My speaker rider

I'm honoured that you've decided to invite me to your event.

I want conferences and events to be welcoming to all, so with that in mind, this is my speaker rider. It's a constant work in progress, and I understand smaller meetups and community events may not be able to meet all requirements. However, this rider does apply to all commercial events.

The rider

  1. Code of Conduct: There is a public Code of Conduct available on your event website and a documented enforcement mechanism.
  2. Speaker Diversity: as a white cis man, I count as "another white dude" at your event, and I want to see less people like me and more that represent the reality of the world we live in. The event will have at least 50% non white-cis-men speaking.
  3. Costs covered: travel and lodging for all speakers is covered. Please note that I will not fly economy for long haul flights.

These requirements are important to me, and I'm in a position that I can help make conferences a more positive and safe experience in this small way. A full line up of white men at an event is not something I can be part of any more, as I want to be part of positive change in our industry.

You can read more about this rider and it's contents on my blog.