I've been advising clients for almost twenty years, on many topics. I have particular experience helping scale or transform engineering and product, either working directly with leadership teams or with investors in their portfolio. I've advised independently, founded consulting businesses, and been an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company.

There are several models for how I can help, from short consultations that typically last a few hours, to long-term multi-month projects.

Short consulting engagements

Very short engagements

For very short projects I usually work through an agency. I am represented by several, including Guidepoint, Atheneum and Prosapient. You can reach out to them directly to book my time or reach out and I can help with any questions

Special Circumstances

Longer engagements

For more substantial projects, I work through a services company, Special Circumstances. These projects range from a single day to multi-year projects, if you reach out, I'm sure we can find a way for me to have impact with your organisation.

I have in the past also been available for non-exec board appointments, but due to the time and focus commitments these roles entail I am taking on fewer than I used to. Please reach out if you are interested in having a discussion on this topic.

Rate card

I publish my rate card to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings with new clients as well as to try and encourage more consultants to do so, you can read more about this topic on my blog.

  • For engagements of less than one work day, I charge $1,000 an hour
  • For engagements between one day and less than one week, I charge $5,000 a day
  • For engagements of one week or more, I charge $20,000 a week.

For any projects of more than one week, fifty percent of my fees are contingent upon the successful delivery of an agreed, measurable outcome.