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Hi! I'm Joe.

I live in London with my wife and our cat Zelda. I'm a dual Swedish/British citizen, which means on one-side I love ice hockey and have an uncanny ability with flat-pack furniture, and on the other, I never perform adequately at international football tournaments.

I've been working with technology for a long time, a lot with the web (building stuff for it and building stuff that powers it), as well as machine intelligence (🤖) and distributed systems. It's been the most amazing, fulfilling thing I could have done professionally, but it's also profoundly broken.

I work at Permutive (❤️) where I have the huge pleasure of being VP Engineering. I've worked at lots of other places too. I have a few patents, have spoken at quite a few conferences and I've been known to write stuff.

I'm professionally passionate about open source, building inclusive teams and being an advocate for Wheaton's Law. I'm personally passionate about travel, the art of Caravaggio (chiaroscuro is my jam), sneakers (despite taking so many L's), mechanical keyboards and the 1994 movie Hackers.

Outside of the day-job, I: invest in and advise start-ups; co-founded a non-profit to better the 'digital' education we give our children; and am currently starting an organisation that helps young offenders and gang members in London reform their lives.

I'm available to chat about pretty much anything via email or on most social media networks as @Joe8Bit (I picked a 'personal brand' and god dammit I'm sticking to it).

You can find me on Twitter, Github, Keybase, LinkedIn, 500px, Instagram, Wordpress and most other places as @Joe8Bit. If you want to say hello, you can also send me an email