I'm available for four hours a week for free advice, guidance, CV reviews or anything else.

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The right advice or guidance can be crucial in building a successful career, but getting access to it can be difficlt (or impossible) for people from backgrounds that are underrepresented in technology. You might not have the family friend of relative who's done this before.

To help redress that balance, I offer free and (hopefully) objective advice every week. I usually do it in 30 minute time slots, where we chat over Zoom or Google Hangouts.

What kind of thing can we talk about?

  1. Career advice
  2. CV reviews
  3. Salary and compensation advice
  4. Anything else!

Grab some time below and I look forward to talking! If you have any questions please reach out in any way described in the footer, I'm here to help! ♥️

You can find me on Twitter, Github, Keybase, LinkedIn, 500px, Instagram, Wordpress and most other places as @Joe8Bit. If you want to say hello, you can also send me an email