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Being the only Latinx, the only trans person, or the only disabled person in the room can be tough. You can feel like an imposter; someone who doesn't belong, who lacks the credibility or connections to speak. When you do speak up, people assume you speak for every * person. If you're visibily different, other people may assume you're a waiter instead of an ops engineer, or assume that because you're a woman you can't be interested in or capable of programming. Even at the best of times, being a member of a minority group can make well-intentioned people awkward or nervous.

We're here to build things, to share our ideas, to seek advice and inspiration, to find jobs. Our background should be secondary to our abilities and passions, but we're not there yet. Women, people of color, and other minorities remain dramatically underrepresented at technical conferences.

Having access to information, materials and training can require substantial financial investment, which isn't always possible for people for underrepresented groups. Helping people gain this knowledge, information or training can give people confidence.

If you're a member of an under-represented group, and you can't afford to subscribe to come content or pay for some training, I want to help you pay for it.

What will you do?

I'll register and pay for any online training, online subscription or book that you need. I'll usually purchase a years subscription, but if you'd like longer just ask.

What kind of thing does this cover?

I'm pretty open to what will be valuable to you, I subscribe to the following publications/memberships, as an example:

All (or none) of these may be valuable to you and your career. Pick the thing you want to learn/read

Who pays for this?

I do, out of pocket. There's no corporate or nonprofit sponsorship involved.

How do you choose who gets funds?

Pretty much first-come-first-served. I'm a big fan of need-blind, in general. That said, I only have so much time and money, and I'm not gonna be able to help everyone.

As an 'materialee', how do I help?

Pay it forward.

Why don't you fund straight white dudes? They need help too!

Indeed, and I continue to mentor and fund straight white men. This particular effort, though, is about bringing more than class diversity to technical communities.

Won't people abuse your trust?

Probably. I might ask to see some of your writing, work, or for community members who can vouch for you.

How do I apply?

Send me an email, explaining a bit about yourself and the conference you'd like to attend.

This idea (and the text of this page) was inspired by @aphyr and his own sponsorship of underrepresented people attending conferences

You can find me on Twitter, Github, Keybase, LinkedIn, 500px, Instagram, Wordpress and most other places as @Joe8Bit. If you want to say hello, you can also send me an email